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How We Do It

Applying a proprietary consulting consulting process, each Client is provided an individualized business assessment and a set of tools, resources and recommendations meant to address the challenges identified in the assessment. While each engagement is unique, Clients can generally expect a simple process, which lasts four to eight weeks:

  1. Initial Contact (30 minute meeting with CoBE Director) 

  2. Introductory Meeting (30 to 60 minute meeting with Project Lead and/or Project Team) 

  3. Scope of Work and Project Expectations

  4. Client Discovery and Project Research

  5. Final Presentation and Written Deliverable (60 to 90 minute meeting with Project Team)

  6. Feedback Survey and Testimonial

Client Accountabilities will include any of the following as needed to complete the project and satisfy the Scope of Work:

  • Define roles and responsibilities and authority to make decisions

  • Assured stakeholder buy-in as needed

  • Participation in developing project objectives  

  • Support for interviews and needed research 

  • Weekly 30-minute meeting via phone or Zoom 
  • Returned phone calls or emails within 24 hours

  • Transparent access to financial records for review and analysis 

  • Reasonable access to employee, vendor and customer discovery interviews 

Upon Project completion, Clients will be expected to provide: 

  • Testimonial with permission to use Client’s name for promotional purposes 

  • LinkedIn endorsement 

  • One or more referrals for CoBE business services 

  • Completion of Client survey 

  • Completion of follow up impact surveys at various intervals 

The expect fee for full project services is as follows: 

  • Initial Client Consultation and Assessment:

    • There is typically NO CHARGE for engagement, although more in-depth projects may incur a fee.

    • Clients will never be responsible for financial compensation without a clear and written agreement ahead of time.

    • We consider our Client's time, energy, resources, and mentorship during the project as renumeration.

    • Value for services provided will be clearly defined during project initiation.

    • Voluntary donations are encouraged and welcome. 

  • Followup, Ongoing or Recurring Services:

    • Any ongoing execution of project deliverables or recurring services may be subject to renumeration.

    • Clients will never be responsible for financial compensation without a clear and written agreement ahead of time.