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How to Hire the Right Employee

Are you looking for tips on how to hire the right employee? This post is all about how to hire the right employee.

As all hiring managers know, hiring the right person is crucial to a business’s performance. When a position opens in a company, the business's goal is to find someone who will exceed the past employee’s performance. Here are 10 tips for hiring the right person to drive the company's success:

This post is all about how to hire the right employee.

Tips for how to hire the right employee:

In-Person Impression

Talking to an interviewee in person makes such a difference, compared to reading their accomplishments from a sheet of paper. Meeting the interviewee in person adds color and personality to the paper resume. Being able to hold a conversation as well as having good people skills is an immediate tell to whether the interviewee could be a reliable asset for the company.

Passion for the Position

When hearing advice from adults they always suggest you will go farther in your work if you “love what you do”. This all starts with whom a business hires. An employee is going to achieve greater things if they are passionate about their work and the company they work for. This is something the interviewer can make note of throughout the interview process using their intuition. They will be able to tell if the applicant really cares and has a passion for the work the company does, or if they’re simply in it for other reasons.

Engagement Throughout the Interview

From experience, we were always told to ask questions during an interview. Not only does this show the interviewee is interested in the position, but it also gives a clearer perspective of who the applicant is. By asking good questions in an interview, it helps a company identify the applicants that stand out from the group. As an employer, you’re more likely to remember the interviewees that didn’t just go through the motions with simple and standard questions.

Practice Employment

One of the most beneficial practices a company can do before hiring someone is inviting them to their events. This will help employers evaluate how well potential applicants work with a group. It also opens the floor for potential applicants to share more information about themselves. If this option is unavailable, another alternative is creating simulation situations. Ask the interviewee what they would do in a certain situation and evaluate their answer. As an employer, you’ll be able to easily tell if the interviewee will mesh well with the current workplace environment.

Demonstration of Technical Skills

Over the past decade or so, the professional world has started to shift more to an online environment. Companies have started to utilize online platforms more often. Ensure an applicant can effectively use the platforms that the company has implemented.


Evaluate the interviewee’s preparation for the interview. Ask them questions about your company to see what kind of research they’ve done. A prepared interviewee will be rehearsed on the company’s current situation and history. You want employees that care enough to go out of their way to learn as much as they can about the company.

Fast Learning and Critical Thinking

Pay attention to the applicant's ability to catch on to the systems, culture, and methodology of the company. Are they fast learners, or does it take them some time to eventually get on board? This is something that can be evaluated from their resume. Identify their accomplishments and see what their previous experiences required of them. It would also be productive to give the interviewee challenging questions in an interview to provoke thought. You can then evaluate their ability to think on the spot and make difficult decisions. Inducing critical thinking is an effective way to tell if someone is right for the job.


When hiring individuals for a position, any employer would want to ensure the interviewee, when hired, is a self-starter. No one’s ideal candidate is a person that goes through the motions and never pushes themselves. You want employees that push the status quo and strive to always be better. In a sense, they want to push themselves as much as possible so they can learn as much as they can. Look at their resume and use intuition to evaluate their interviewing skills to come to a conclusion on their self-starting abilities. What have they displayed from their past that proves they’re a self-starter and how can they translate that to this position?

Team Player

When hiring a new employee, it’s imperative to ensure they can work well with a team, as a leader and a follower. Ask them questions and review their resume to see when and how they displayed a team mentality. The workplace will run more efficiently, and the employees will be generally happier if all employees can effectively work with each other.

Punctual and Organized

The ability for employees to be on time is imperative. This displays professionalism and respect for the others involved. We were once told, if you’re not early, you’re late. Is your interviewee not only on time but are they early and prepared? Additionally, is the interviewee noticeably organized? The interviewee should have his/her questions memorized or written down in a presentable notebook to display professionalism. The interviewee should be well put together. There should be no outstanding flaws in their physical presentation. This displays their care for the minor details, which is imperative for excelling in any field of work.

Hiring the Best Person for the Job

It is a tendency for an employer to extend a job offer to the applicant that is most like them. The two are most likely getting along and exchanging enjoyable dialogue throughout the interview. However, just because a person is like you doesn't mean they’re the right person for the job. It is imperative to evaluate the current state of the company and see what the company is missing. For example, if most of the people in your business are type B personality, it would make the most sense in this situation to hire someone with a type A personality to change up the flow of the work environment.

There are many methods to find the best employee for your vacant position, but these points are crucial and should be reviewed. We know how important the company is to you. In order to encourage and preserve success, it all comes down to the people. Are your employees driven and passionate about the company? They need to be. Are they organized and punctual? They need to be. Are they able to think critically and problem solve on the spot? They need to have these abilities to get the best chances for growth and success. Follow these steps to find the best employees to help grow the company you have a passion for.

This post was all about tips on how to hire the right employee.

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