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Top 5 Tips for Working Remotely

Are you looking for tips on working remotely? This post is all about the top tips for working remotely.

The ongoing changes that have occurred throughout the last year have caused drastic changes in the way businesses operate. The workplace has changed from the traditional in-person environment to many employees completing their work virtually. Many believe this may be temporary, but we can’t deny the surge in remote positions across the globe. With the CoBE Institute effectively operating throughout this time, we’ve decided to share our best tips for being productive while working from home.

This post is all about the best tips for working remotely.

Tips for Working Remotely:

1. Utilize a Calendar tool

Planning is an essential component of scheduling out your day. Utilizing a virtual planning tool to provide consistent reminders, in an organized style, is optimal. A calendar application is a tool you can use to do just this. We recommend Google Calendars as it provides a free virtual calendar that can be installed on a mobile device or a computer. The calendar provides customization through colors, tasks, and labels. The calendar makes it easy to implement events and frequent reminders. In addition, users can connect their Google Keep which is a note-taking service. Through this integration, users can add, pin notes, or mark off any weekly notes added. Therefore, users can have their reminders for tasks and notes all in one space. To provide a simple guide on how to utilize Google Calendars below is a step-by-step guide on utilizing this calendar.

Guide to Using Google Calendar & Google Keep

2. Value Your Attention

Oftentimes people are more prone to getting distracted when meeting and working remotely. Attention is a valuable asset we all have and should continue to utilize. Paying attention will ensure that you don’t fall behind or incorrectly do a task. To ensure you are focused on your virtual meetings and work here are a few tactics to utilize. First, turn off notifications during virtual meetings. Email, text, and phone notifications can be a distraction when working remotely. To avoid this minimize the minor messages or completely turn off the notifications for the duration of your online meetings. This tactic can also be applied when working on time-sensitive projects. In addition, taking notes in meetings can ensure you are focused and engaged in the material being discussed. Taking notes can provide a solid foundation to ensure you are not only engaged but prepared for any tasks or projects surrounding that topic.

3. Take Time for Yourself

With the flexibility of working remotely and the ability to do more from almost anywhere, has both its ups and its downs. Projects that typically would have been limited to office hours can now be done at the dinner table. In the time it typically would have taken to commute, people can now be working instead. This level of productivity is not always the case when working remotely, but the lines of productivity in the workplace have certainly been blurred due to the new wave of remote work. Not only this, but without the daily back and forth to an office or workspace, the line between work and home has started to become more and more fuzzy. While this level of productivity can sometimes be necessary, it is important to remember to take time for yourself outside of work, especially when working in a remote setting. This can be something as simple as taking time to make nutritious meals on your lunch break, taking a daily walk, or sticking to a workout routine. These things allow your body and mind to decompress and help prevent things like burnout that result from overworking. The flexibility of remote work is something that can also work in your favor. By working remotely, many people now have the flexibility to attend important events or appointments that the typical office work schedule would not have allowed for. Overall, finding ways to take care of yourself and allow your mind to decompress while working remotely is a great way to prevent some of the negative effects that occur with this new normal.

4. Create a Designated Work Space

Working remotely, for many, comes with a variety of distractions that can be difficult to minimize. Whatever those distractions may be, many of them are simply outside of our control. That’s why it’s important, when working remotely, to effectively manage whatever is within your control in order to create an environment that fosters productivity. That’s why one of the most important tips for working remotely, is to specifically designate an area that is only for work. Designating a space specifically for work can help promote focus and productivity, by training yourself to associate work with that area. To explain this concept, think about the office or space you were previously working in. It was probably much easier to be productive in an area you commonly associated with work. By designating a space in your home or apartment that is for work only, you are attempting to mimic the association with work and productivity that you may have had in your previous workspace. However, to implement this practice effectively, it’s important to stick to work-related tasks when using the designated space. Checking social media, watching videos, or doing tasks unrelated to your work in the designated space will interrupt the association with work the space is designed to create and instead create a space associated with distractions. By designating separate spaces for work and relaxation in your home, you can more effectively promote productivity and focus when working remotely.

Creating the Perfect Workspace

5. Create a Morning Routine

It is so easy to lose a sense of professionalism when working remote. Staying in the clothes you wore to bed the night before or snacking throughout the day sounds more relaxing, but it will harm your productivity throughout the day. Try and avoid this. Start each day with your morning routine. Start off by making your bed. By doing this first thing in the morning, you will feel more encouraged and are more likely to continue to feel accomplished for the rest of the day. Next, get ready for the day ahead. Whether that’s a quick workout and a shower, a clean shave and getting into your business clothes, a makeup routine and some hair care, do what works for YOU! Start the morning fresh and new to reset yourself for the rest of your work day. Also in your morning routine, make time to fuel your body! Try elevating your typical coffee, make a smoothie, incorporate vegetables in your meal, and drink lots of water. This will fuel your body for the long day ahead. By having a productive mindset every day, this will eventually become a habit! This morning routine will keep you consistent and keep you feeling your best.

If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed

This post was all about tips for working remotely.

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