Join Us 

What you Receive

The CoBE Institute offers a unique experiential opportunity for high-achieving and ambitious students who are looking to take a proactive role in their education. All Associates complete a professional talent development program while creating a meaningful network of professionals around the world.

CoBE Associates will gain valuable experience in:

  • Technical skills

  • Project management

  • Communication and conversation

  • Collaboration and creativity

  • Decision making and delegation

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Progress management

  • Sales

  • Accountability and perseverance

  • Global perspectives  

  • Internship and career opportunities

Ready to kick-start your professional career? You've come to the right place! 

Read more below to learn about the unique benefits and student expectations of joining.

What we Seek


Associates who can and will prioritize the program and our clients.


Associates who regularly and actively engage in discussions and activities.


Associates who understand the importance of applying themselves to get the most of their experience.

What to Expect

CoBE is a professional consulting program that works with real clients, domestically and internationally. In order to maintain quality and value to our Associates, we limit the number of Associates in order to achieve more direct support and mentorship.


Because of this, selected Associates should expect to:

  • Prioritize the obligations of the program

  • Be accountable for their time and their work

  • Meet goals set by themselves and the program​

  • Take an active role in group participation 

  • Provide and receive constructive feedback

  • Be a value-adding team member

Associates should also expect that if they do not perform or contribute value, they will be asked to relinquish their position.

The following video provide information about what it is like to be involved in CoBE.

Associate Testimonials

Bailey Rue, Associate

I've learned a great deal on how to work within a group to develop a professional presentation. I've also learned the expectations of a professional work environment.

Christian Grissett, Associate

Each job or assignment does come with its own level of difficulty, but once you learn how to handle it, it’s pretty easy. This is an opportunity worth striving for.

Parker McNitt, Associate

I know this program is going to teach me more than a business class will teach, just due to the experience aspect.